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A Firestarter You Want In Your Home

It takes a special person who makes a mission out of bringing warmth and comfort to homes all over Canada and the U.S. by way of fire. Such a man for the job is Tim Neufeld, proprietor of Click Fire Inc. ( With 25 years of industry experience in providing custom fireplaces for residences and commercial spaces, Tim is committed to providing each new location under his care with a hearth that speaks to homeowners like no other feature in a home can. He aims to make the hearth the showpiece of a home: the place for people to gather before it with ease for conversation and fellowship. Here is the space in which dreams, joys and sorrows can be shared.


Tim is prepared to walk clients through every stage of fireplace installation: design and  planning, permits, job site preparation, unit and venting installation, gasoline and electrical installation, initial burn, enclosure work, final inspection. Interior elements such as feature walls, custom mantels and television mountings are just some finesse details Click Fire considers to make each job unique and to create a personal statement that reflects the homeowner. Providing you with a one stop fireplace shop, Click Fire features fireplace options you may not even know are available. Electric, gas, wood, pellet are some considerations. Then there are retrofits, renovations or brand new constructions. What is more, by purchasing a fireplace unit from Click Fire, their professionals provide free delivery. They honour the manufacturer warranties on all their products and provide support by way of maintenance and cleaning.


When Tim sells a Click Fire fireplace, he knows that he may have to get up close and personal with its chimney. This work involves much more than removing soot build up. Some of the unexpected skills of a fireplace installer involve: technical proficiency to ensure fireplace safety and efficiency; structural assessment and repair to ensure cracks or deteriorating bricks or mortar do not compromise the integrity of your hearth; environmental stewardship to champion cleaner burning practices; integration of new technologies with the aim of optimizing the functionality of the fireplace; continuous learning and certification on Tim’s behalf ensures that you get the most updated information about safety standards and regulation surrounding your fireplace.


You have heard savvy people say: “Don’t play with fire!” But with expert firestarter, Tim Neufeld, the best place in your home is where the fire burns brightly.


-Lizia Renna

Copy Consultant, Systems Interactive Inc.

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